But Only 2 Democrats!

The Republicans said goodbye to Jeb Bush last night as he decided to drop out of the race. While the Republicans have narrowed down the nominees to five, the Democrats have had just two runners for a while now. Last week I did a post about the Republican choices, and now, as I promised, is time for the Democrats summed up! I hope this helps.

Sanders: Sanders, unlike the Republicans we talked about last week wants to open up the border. He plans on making a stronger immigration reform than Obama has. Senator Sanders has said that abortion is between the woman carrying the baby and her doctor; he refuses to shut down any clinic or make any laws against letting women do what they want with their bodies. According to his Twitter, Sanders has said that the attempt by Republicans to shut down planned parenthood is attacking women’s health. Sanders wants to ban semi-automatic assault weapons, as they are used primarily to kill other humans. He says he plans to enforce and strengthen the background checks before purchasing a gun. Bernie Sanders wants peace; he thinks a nation’s power should not be in how many wars they engage in, but rather how many conflicts they can resolve. He has pointed out many times that he voted against the war in Iraq and thought it was misguided. Bernie has said that it is time bigger corporations and the wealthier start paying their share of taxes.

Clinton: Hillary stated that Immigrants are vital to our economy, and anybody who wishes should have an easy path to citizenship. Hillary said that abortion is fine… until the third trimester, and then abortion should be for medical reasons only. She plans to support what women want to do with their bodies as well supporting planned parenthood. When asked about gun control Hillary Clinton says she wants extensive background checks to prevent criminals and mentally ill from getting the guns. Clinton says we should treat Iraq as a business deal, and we should be able to deploy more military in the air and on the ground as Syrians get ready to fight. Hillary, wife of former president Bill Clinton said that it was time middle class get a break and let the wealthy be taxed the way they should.

Alright, that was just a quick summary of the Democratic candidates. I hope this information I’ve gathered from class discussions and watching the debates helps. Another good source of information is to type in (candidates name) on the issues. If you type that into google it comes up with a compilation of sources that you can scroll through at the top of the pages, it is helpful as well! If you want to know about the Republican candidates I wrote an article last week so just scroll down!

Verse of the Week 

Proverbs 20:19: A gossip goes around telling secrets, so don’t hang around with chatterers.

Have a fab week!

Elizabeth (: